Wednesday, February 2, 2022

OK Don't fall over

Here I am...many years later during a pandemic and my life has been turned upside down. Hello to those of you that still check in once in awhile. It is a beautiful day here in Kingsland Georgia and I am up early. I am continuing to papercraft. I make cards for my church and special cards for the shut ins and seniors on holidays...our family continues to grow. My stepson Matt is getting married in Sept to a wonderful woman who has a 5 year old son so that will give us a dozen are all such a joy to be around and most of them love to read and tell you all about their adventures in the books. My mother is currently in a nursing home as a full blown alzheimers patient.....its a horrible thing to go through.....I have watched her slowly loss track of life and the here and now.... My daughter has moved to a new group home after 22 years at the same one....bc they were no longer able to accomidate her needs....My faith keeps me going every moment...I pray you all are well and getting through the pandemic as best as we all know how.....I never dreamed I would see the world in such a state but God has this and I will put my trust in him. here are some pictures of the family over the last year and a couple things I have done....right now I am really into baking from scratch which I have always done but usually simple recipes I am trying to learn more involved ones I have no idea thanks to all of you that still come back and read my blog God Bless and remember to be kind to one another...

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

2 Years later again Catching up with life

Wow here I am again 2 years later. So much to tell you but so much that I don't want to bore you all with. So lets start with quilting. I haven't sewn a stitch in a year. I am currently trying to sell my longarm bc it is just sitting there. I think when my friend MJ died I just lost the joy in doing it. So I am now paper crafting and scrapbooking. I have a YouTube channel where I do share some of my creations and on Wednesdays and Sundays I do a prayer live feed. My YouTube name is Judy Evans Parker. My mom is now 86 and legally blind so I am watching over her but she is still living alone near me. I now have 11 grandkids between me and my husband. My son is working hard and my daughter is happy as always. Here are a few pictures of my family. My son and daughter and 2 of my granddaughters are in the one picture from Thanksgiving. Another one is of my daughter and I when I took her to Disney World in Oct 2018. Another one is a dressform I created. I love the laces and trims and appliques. My mom is in a picture with my brother from our trip to Florida to see his son get married and as you can see she is happy and well in November. Outside of that life is as normal as it gets for me. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2019. Thank you to all those who have remained followers and I hope to get busy with posting more often....God Bless

Friday, September 9, 2016

Holy Smoly....I didn't realize I hadn't posted in 2 years. I see I have some of you that have stuck by me...thanks...I apologize for being a blog slacker. So much has happened in the last 2 years. We have added 2 more grandchildren to our mix. Of course both are girls. I lost a dear friend of mine Mary Jane.. Miss her terribly. I have been doing a lot of applique quilts. I will post pictures if I have them. We also bought a second home in Kingsland Georgia to spend our winter months. I can't take this cold weather anymore. I will post that picture too. My mom is doing well ready to turn 84 years old next week. So since this is my first post in ages I will keep it brief but know I am still hanging in there and I would love to hear what all of you are doing

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy New Year

Well another year has come and I am just getting around to blogging. This year started off rough but hoping after this week we will onto brighter days. My Father in Law passed away shortly after we returned from our trip to see our grandkids in Georgia. We came back the end of January both of us sick. A week later he passed away. Just glad we were already home and not having to rush back in the weather we were traveling in. Wed we will finally bury his body. It was too frozen in Feb. Anyway in the way of quilting and my world I have been very busy with a lot of UFO clean ups but I thought for something different I would share some recipes with all of you too. Most of you may not know how much I love to cook and try new recipes so here is my first one to share I found on facebook . Try it out and tell me what you think. I hope to be back with you in a week or two. God Bless and please don't give up on me I will someday get the hang of blogging more often. Creamy Bowtie and Asparagus Pasta (aka Anniversary Pasta)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Good Afternoon...Today in my part of NY state it is a warm and sunny fall days. The leaves are changing very quickly here so they won't be around much longer. We have had a lot of frosty nights already. Anyway I thought since I haven't add much to my blog lately I would share with you another wallhanging I did. It is completely out of thread. It is embroidered in my embroidery machine (gotta love my Bernina 830). The design is from Anita Gooddesigns. It is individual blocks all put together at the end. I love making this wallhangings. They are a lot of fun. I hope this day finds you all well and warm. We are getting ready to head to Georgia soon to see the grandkids. I wish we could stay longer but I will take the week we have and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. I will be sharing more of my projects with you...I have been taking pictures lately so I can share. What are you all working on. Please share. Have a Great Day!!! Hugs

Saturday, September 14, 2013

This is the gifts I received from this years FRIENDS swap partner Donna Austin. Thank you so much Donna.
And these are the gifts I sent to Donna for our SWAP. She loved them you can see I also sent a special surprise to her kitty Cha Cha...hehehe...hope all is well with everyone!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Something new for you

Ok now don't anyone fall over I know its been months again since I posted...mainly cause I am too busy to keep up and too lazy when I am not busy....This is an Anita Gooddesign I did called the Ascension. it is machine embroidered....lots of thread but so worth the time it took...I am very please with how it turned is hanging at my LQS for now and then I will be giving it to my Mom at some point...I have actually made several quilts too all of which are hanging at the shop and stashed away for Christmas ..If I remember I will take pictures next week...I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enjoying some blue skies and good health...more soon...hugs to all my friends who have stuck by me and keep checking in