Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Around the World

Today we honor ALL veterans from around the world. I want to thank all of those who serve currently or who have served their country. I know that it not only involves the person in uniform but also their families. Because when they are serving their families serve also by worry, love, prayer, time and dedication. So I honor all of the families also. Please take a moment today to tell a veteran thank you for serving and also take a moment to thank a family whose loved one may not have made it home...some gave some and others gave all...LET US NEVER FORGET THE COST OF FREEDOM AND BELIEFS!...I hope this video shows up..I have never put a a video on my blog but this is one that was sent to me the veterans day after my son was killed and I listen to it every so often...the man in the video is so much in a hurry to get his shopping done that he pays no attention to a pittens of time evan as his daughter is trying....God love the children who know the try meaning of love and honor.....blessings to you all..and may God bless our lands!


Maria said...

Least We Forget.

Mrs Shepo said...

I have just watched your very sad but meaningful video,one of the best I have seen,and had the same experience while at a market place on the 11th November this year. It was announced over the loud speeker but I was shocked by the number of people who ignored it. I have trouble understanding some people sometimes. Blessings to you also,Lest We Forget, Pat