Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friend Exchange Pressies

Looky looky looky!!!...I got the coolest pressies....can you believe it...they are ALL BEAUTIFUL! My Friends Exchange partner was Peg from ....she loves stitchery and look what beautiful work she does...I think I was the luckest one in this exchange..Peg and I hit it right off and enjoy alot of the same things although liking to do hand stitching was not one of them..What is in these pretty pressies you ask?!
F...Folder..handstitched cover
R...Ruler Cover...handstitched
I...Interesting treats from Australia...where Peg lives of course
E...Everyday Sewing Pouch ...handstitched
N...Nice saying Wallhanging which says "Angels Watching Over Me" and I don't think I put on there that I love she knew me better than I thought
D...Dilly Bag...very cute pouch
S...Scissor Keeper with new pair of Scissors

I can't express how in awe I am for her beautiful handwork and her generosity in doing so much work for this gift..Thank you sew very much Peg ..blessings my dear friend and lets keep in touch!!!!!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

We will stay in pleased you liked the little treats that I made for has been fantastic getting to know you Judy..Peg xxx

Judy said...

Peg...did I like I like....I don't like it...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!thanks again....pretty pretty pretty....blessings

Mistea said...

You sure were spoilt - Peg does do amazing things in her sewing room.

Gorgeous gifts. Enjoy

Mary Jane said...

Very nice, They are wonderful gifts, the pictures dont do them justice as I seen them in person and they are beautiful.