Tuesday, December 11, 2018

2 Years later again Catching up with life

Wow here I am again 2 years later. So much to tell you but so much that I don't want to bore you all with. So lets start with quilting. I haven't sewn a stitch in a year. I am currently trying to sell my longarm bc it is just sitting there. I think when my friend MJ died I just lost the joy in doing it. So I am now paper crafting and scrapbooking. I have a YouTube channel where I do share some of my creations and on Wednesdays and Sundays I do a prayer live feed. My YouTube name is Judy Evans Parker. My mom is now 86 and legally blind so I am watching over her but she is still living alone near me. I now have 11 grandkids between me and my husband. My son is working hard and my daughter is happy as always. Here are a few pictures of my family. My son and daughter and 2 of my granddaughters are in the one picture from Thanksgiving. Another one is of my daughter and I when I took her to Disney World in Oct 2018. Another one is a dressform I created. I love the laces and trims and appliques. My mom is in a picture with my brother from our trip to Florida to see his son get married and as you can see she is happy and well in November. Outside of that life is as normal as it gets for me. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2019. Thank you to all those who have remained followers and I hope to get busy with posting more often....God Bless

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Unknown said...

Thank you for all you do.never made many friends n the few ones I had have passed on to be with the Lord. I follow your channel though I don't comment all the time. Thank you for all your uplifiting thought s.