Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy New Year

Well another year has come and I am just getting around to blogging. This year started off rough but hoping after this week we will onto brighter days. My Father in Law passed away shortly after we returned from our trip to see our grandkids in Georgia. We came back the end of January both of us sick. A week later he passed away. Just glad we were already home and not having to rush back in the weather we were traveling in. Wed we will finally bury his body. It was too frozen in Feb. Anyway in the way of quilting and my world I have been very busy with a lot of UFO clean ups but I thought for something different I would share some recipes with all of you too. Most of you may not know how much I love to cook and try new recipes so here is my first one to share I found on facebook . Try it out and tell me what you think. I hope to be back with you in a week or two. God Bless and please don't give up on me I will someday get the hang of blogging more often. Creamy Bowtie and Asparagus Pasta (aka Anniversary Pasta)

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