Monday, August 16, 2010

Friends Swap Partner

Well the other day I received my Friends Swap partner name from Khris's blog ( ...I am so excited about this partner is Peg from ...she is from Australia and seams to be alot like me..poor girl..hehehe....but of course there is one BIG difference...she loves to do hand I am sitting here...thinking..(I know what your thinking..already the girl is in trouble)..hehehe...what shall I send someone so cool to spell out FRIENDS....I can't wait to figure out the beauties...until there this little quilting elf must get into her stash and figure out what to make someone so talented....oh boy..this is sew exciting.....what have you all been up to in your quilting or crafting share...blessings


The Patch Craft said...

Swaps are great. Remember to have fun. I am doing this one too.

Maria said...

You will have fun thinking about what to make or send. As you said Peg loves to do stitchery.
I am also in the swap and must get started.

marina said...

Welcome to Blogging Judy.
I am doing Khris' swap too, I participated last year too and it was great fun! I have brainstormed what I could make and hopefully over the next month or so those plans will come to fruition.