Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome to all my new followers

I would like to welcome all my new followers...I hope to take my friend Marilyn's advice and start blogging more as great therapy..heheh...I hope you find my blog friendly, inspirational and sometimes funny...There have been a few tears shed here and there but hey..its ok...we all need to let it go sometimes...anyway you will find the my dh and I travel alot and I get the joy of seeing new quilt shops along our travels. I am always happy to share what I have either in knowledge or fabric...your probably better off with the last one.
Yesterday I had the notion to make gift bags. I would share the picture with you now but I am in a swap and I may be using them as my wrap and I don't want to blow it. But I will post a picture soon. They are simply adorable. I hope you will come back often and enjoy life's journey with me. Blessings


rubyslipperz said...

I'm so glad to read that you like machine embroidery too. I don't seem to find many quilters that like machine embroidery. I like the machine applique-embroidery ALOT!

I don't have a good excuse...but, I act like an 8 year old quite often...I'm 59!

It will be fun to share your life's journey!


wackywoman said...

Yay! you are blogging. Can't wait to see your project. I made 11 small bags (like the selvege one) for my friendship group's Christmas gifts. Can't show those on my blog either.