Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and Loving the New Attitude

First and foremost let me wish all my friends a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!...I do pray that God will bless each of you with PEACE this year...that is my prayer for me and my family...PEACE...a calm and loving feeling from within...once we find peace within it will show to those around us...PEACE...thats my one and only goal to set for the new year....and in saying that ..this morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs Charming Chatter ...she always inspires us to do something for have to read her blog to understand the new attitude on UFO's which she calls MUF's....I am taking up the movement of not feeling pressured to finish them and that way maybe be inspired to do so in my time...I hope you all have some PEACE in your quilting and crafting areas that you can sit back and say "Yes..this is the me I want to be"...God bless you all

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