Sunday, October 3, 2010

Old Friends

Today was a great day...I had a chance to visit with two very dear friends that over the past 2 years the only time we had a chance to see each other was at memorials for our loved ones ....we would leave the memorials sad not only because of the reason we were there but because we never seemed to get a chance to find out what was going on in each other today we spent 3 hours at a little diner in the corner catching up...we laughed about our loved ones and some of the things we remembered them saying about the others...Cynthia lost her son and LeeAnne lost her husband 9 days after I lost my son...LeeAnne has 3 children....and this is the first time since our men died that we have really laughed together about some of the crazy things that they said or did in the unit...and LeeAnne's kids are getting so big can that be...Life hasn't been easy...but as LeeAnne said we are survivors and we have gotten through 5 years and will continue to move forward...God is faithful and I can say that these 2 ladies are very dear friends for life...I know that I can at any moment call either one of them and they will be there to listen and understand ....Today was a good was great fun to laugh and remember....its good to know when you have friends that understand you more than you understand yourself...the only thing missing today was a quilt to sit and sew together....take a moment this week and thank an old friend for being there..let them know you are there for them also and you haven't forgotten are truly blessed to have friends..I am truly blessed to have old ones and to be able to make new ones...Thank you all for being my friends and may God grant you peace this week and blessings abundantly...blessings


BubzRugz said...

This is a very moving post - I am so glad that you have had a great day with great friends, and remembering great men in your lives. although I am a stranger to you I find you inspirational in your outlook.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I agree with Bubz....take care and I am so pleased today was a god day Judy....Peg xx

Khris said...

What a lovely post Judy....I am so pleased you have these lovely ladies in your life...big hugs my friend.