Monday, September 27, 2010

Josh's Birthday Quilt

Here is its..finally completed and given..heheh....Well some of you know that I had been working on my sons quilt for 2 years..not that it should have taken me that long but on this one alot of love and emotion went into is an oversized king quilt and yesterday at my Granddaughter Kaylee's birthday I presented it to my son (his birthday is Oct 2nd). He loved it..although he was as red as a beet..he is like his mother (a better giver than a receiver)...he called me last night and thanked me again for the quilt ..I had also given him a letter from my heart and asked him to wait and read it alone..which he did...I love my children so much it hurts sometimes and I figured this is probably the last large quilt I will ever make him so I wanted it to be special..he saw a quilt sample at Beyond the Needle one time when he came in to see me there..he said "Mom thats a really cool quilt" I wasn't going to do that BOM but changed my mind. I took on the BOM and that quilt traveled to Florida with me for 2 years..the blocks were done with Thangles so it was good to pack it up and take it with me to hotels and work on them there...ended up adding extra borders to make it big enough...I am so glad Josh loves it and that I have a son who gets it...he knows and understands how much time and love goes into making a quilt...his kids all have quilts from me and they are now using them..although yesterday Jess asked me to put labels on them so the girls wouldn't keep confusing whose is whose..hehehehe...I did give Kaylee a quilt yesterday for her birthday too but forgot to get a picture of course..heheheh...I have a few more of Josh's but thought I would post these..and yes I made matching pillowcases (2sets)..blessings


Maria said...

What a wonderful quilt you made for your son. How nice that he really appriciate how special it is.

Ivory Spring said...


Your quilt is FABULOUS! What a special special gift to your son.

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment so that I can visit you back! :)

Khris said...

FANTASTIC brought tears to my eyes reading this...your boy is a lucky boy having you as his mum...hugssss Khris