Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Charming Girls Goals

Well this am I was reading Charming Girls blog...don't you know its about quilting the quilts...funny how God works things out in our lives..she was also talking about self care..finding peace and joy in the mundane things in our lives to bring more joy and less stress....I haven't yet set all my goals for the group but I will try on the basis that I am not a superwoman...5 years ago I thought I was..but God knocked that thought right out of me...I do what I can and not worry about the here are my simple goals for this quarter.
1. Continue to spend quality time with my family (enjoying what they like to do as much as they enjoy making me happy)
2. Finish at least one UFO each month. I am now down to about 20..not bad considering I had a ton of them.
3. Learn more about using my new longarm each day, whether it be by reading books on techniques or watching videos.
4. Swallow my pride and ask what I do not know about. It won't mean I am dumb. It will just show I am serious about learning.
I told you my goals would be simple but some of them are mountainous for me. I didn't get this many UFO's by being a person who sees things to the end. If I get bored with a project I put it down and sometimes never pick it up UFO's are a big issue for me...well I am off to learn more about using my new toy...thanks for stopping in this morning and sharing a cup of coffee...have a very blessed day..blessings


BubzRugz said...

Sounds good to me - looking forward to seeing your work on the longarm - and also some of those UFO's that lurk in our cupboards!

Judy said...

I won't be having my toy delivered until the first week of Nov so I have lots of time to learn what I can about using it..hope all is well with you..blessings