Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home again

Well we are home and I am busy doing the catch up with the house and groceries. Tomorrow I hope to be able to go to Grandmothers Thimble to have some fun with my quilting friends. But in the meantime I thought I would share pictures of some of my beauties I found on our trip.
The first picture is one of the kits I bought at a wonderfu shop in Rockford IL called Acorn Quilts. What a beautiful shop and the women there were so friendly. It was like being home.
The other pictures are just some of the beauties. I love Bunny Hill Designs and found this pattern and fell in love with Nana's Garden fabric so I thought I would go that route for the Bunny Hill pattern.
What do you think?
Anyway as we grow in followers I hope to have give aways from some of my travels, along with quilt alongs and tutorials. I am by far no teacher but I love to share the knowledge I do have. If you have anything you would like to share let me know.
Please share my blog with your friends and lets "Sew Seeds for Friendship" together.


Khris said...

I just wanted to know that you make me smile every day I think of you or hear your name mentioned...even if it is not you I smile and think of you when I hear the name Judy...hugs Khris

Judy said...

Aww Khris, That is very sweet of you to say. You and I both know how short life is and when I am gone from this earth I hope I have made a difference in someones life..blessings