Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here is my FRIENDS Swap I received from Joann. This year was a little tougher with me having sick parents and Joann being sick a couple days. I forgot to take a picture of the things that I sent to Joann but I embroidered her 2 tea towels with Roosters on them because she said her kitchen is roosters. The funny part was alot of the ladies at the quilt shop wanted to know if I would embroider some for them...my answet "NO"...heheheh..anyway here is what Joann came up with on the swap..as most of you know from my past years you have to spell the word FRIENDS with your gifts F - Fat Quarters R - Rotary Blade, Ribbon I - Inspirational book E - Emery boards (she didn't know I don't have any nails but I can use them on my daughter) heheheh N - Notebook D - She was unable to think of anything S - Sewing project which is the Scarecrow underneath the gifts Thank you Joann for being my partner this year. I hope you enjoyed all the wonderful gifts I sent you and that you will have hours of fun with all the handwork projects. I hope my Post today finds everyone well. I have been a very busy girl and will try to post more often although I keep saying that and always forget. Have a great day and may God bless all the you do today...Blessings